10.-12. August 2019 in Pärnu County. This year for the first time the international Estonian Naturism Lake Camp is held. Lake Camp invites all naturists, nude body culture fans and artists to fire up a new Naturism community in Estonia. Lake Camp is a vacation in pure nature – an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, also get to know new people and engage in different activities according to your interests. Lake Camp is multilingual, You can communicate in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. Lake Camp takes places without any concern for the weather. 🙂

Exact location information for participants only.


The two day program contains body painting, nature art, sport – volleyball, petanque, lake running race, watercraft racing, boat/canoe hauling, social games, dancing, barbecuing, sauna, bonfires…

  • Lake Camp is a vacation and participating in the program is voluntary.
  • There is no time limit to the sauna usage (sauna firewood is free).
  • Firewood for barbecue and bonfires, barbecue charcoal and ignition fluid costs extra.
  • Watercraft usage is free.
  • Body paints and other equipment for body painting cost extra.
  • Fishing equipment rent costs extra.


Filming and taking photos of the event is for reportage and recollection purposes and it also serves a purpose of creating marketing and promoting material for Estonian naturist tourism and group tourism. The goal is also to promote body and photo art by encouraging the cooperation and bringing together the photographers, artists and models.

  • Only specifically authorized photographers and videographers are allowed to take pictures or film at the event;
  • The participants who don’t want to be on pictures or videos, can avoid it;
  • Taking part in mass scenes is encouraged for all participants (You won’t be recognized from scenes taken from far away or from behind and it is possible to “blur” Your face if You want it done);
  • For creating art and marketing material we use models with contracts. If You want to participate as a model contact the organizer;
  • The participants can buy photo or video service (Video CV, portrait, lifestyle and portfolio pictures).


The Sauna is situated 10 m from the lake shore. The front room fits ~10 people and the steam room 5 people. There is a kitchenette, WC and a shower. In front of the sauna (outside) there are a campfire sight and a table with benches for sitting. The sauna firewood is included in the ticket price. There is no time limit and no limit to the times You can use the sauna. Heating the sauna to a 100 degrees will take about 30 minutes. It takes approximately a half of a basket of firewood to get a temperature of a 100 degrees in the Sauna.


There are facilities for barbecuing at all the summer houses (6) – grill rods. At the Sauna there is a bigger grill and a smoke oven. The barbecuing facilities are included in the ticket prices. The firewood, barbecue charcoal and ignition fluid cost extra. The Sauna firewood can’t be used for barbecuing.


There are 3 bonfire places – one is situated on the lake shore and two are elsewhere on the camp sight.


The ticket does not include the prices of catering. Everyone tends to their own catering. There are facilities for barbecue at the camp, also fireplaces and kettles. There is also a small kitchen in two of the summer houses.


The summer houses for 34 people are all booked (in pre-sale and by the organizer).

There are 19 tent places available at the Lake Camp free of charge. There are also 9 caravan places at the Lake Camp.

The good neighbor who sits 2 km away from the Lake Camp, can provide us access to unlimited tent places and also 10 caravan places. The places are booked in correlation to the speed of ticket sales.

Our partners in Pärnu city center: +372 5887 3404 Inga Erm (sales manager):

  • Embrace guest rooms, luxurious apartments near the beach for 2-6 people: https://embrace.ee/
  • Dönhoff Residence luxurious apartments at Pärnu city center for 2-8 people: www.donhoff.ee  
  • Discount code „SIMPEL” -10%.

NB! If you plan to stay in one of the luxurious apartments you should know that the prices include accommodation for two adult and two kids, extra person costs 25€. The sooner you book your accommodation the lower the price will be.


The Lake Camp is situated approximately 40 km from Pärnu city center.

If You don’t have a car or other means of transportation to the Lake Camp inform the organizer so he can arrange a place for You in another participants car if there are such offers.

Transport from Pärnu city center – Lake Camp – Pärnu city center will be arranged if needed. Time of travel is approximately 38 minutes – price 15 €


  1. Buy ticket – enter participant’s first and last name, phone, email, residency, language skills;
  2. Organizer sends by e-mail camp location and other information;


Ticket sales in:

By buying the ticket You confirm that You have read and agree to:

The ticket price includes: passage to the Lake Camp territory (from the 10th of august at 15:00 to the 12th of august at 11:00), the event program, sauna, barbecue facilities, kettle and watercraft usage, a parking space for your car and a tent place. There is also a possibility for a free caravan space for the fastest 19. 

Ticket is personalized – when buying a ticket please be sure to write both your own and your companions full name. Children, up to 16 years old, with parents who bought the ticket are free of charge. When attending with children also add the child’s alias, name, age and gender with your own. 

  • Couple (man+woman) 180EUR (May/June 144/162);
  • Single Woman 100EUR (May/June 80/90);
  • Single Man 130EUR (May/June 104/117);
  • Group (10 participants) 855EUR (May/June 684/770).
  • In June code “juuni” discount -10%;
  • Nude model code “modell” discount -40%.


The organizer has the right to cancel a ticket if: 

  • The buyer has not provided all the required information; 
  • The buyer has knowingly submitted false information; 
  • The buyer’s background is not suitable for the Naturism community.

When the background of the ticket buyer is not suitable for the Naturism community the organizer will fully refund the ticket (100%), in other cases the refund will be 80% (20% is considered as a fine). The organizer will inform the buyer by sending an e-mail and SMS 7 days before fulfilling the decision. 


  • According to the law, a consumer has the right to return goods purchased from the internet within 14 days of the purchase – in this case the ticket of the Lake Camp 2019. The buyer will get a 100 % refund. 
  • The Lake Camp takes places regardless of the weather 🙂
  • Heaven forbid that there should be a natural disaster or war resulting in the cancellation of the Lake Camp – You will get a 100 % refund within 30 days. 
  • If You have bought a ticket but Cancel Your participation You need to notify the organizer by the 31th of July 2019 in order to get 80% refund within 30 days. 
  • All other situations will be resolved according to agreements.

EXTRA SERVICES / additives of the Lake Camp

  • Bag of firewood (40 liters) 5 € (You can’t use Sauna firewood for bonfires);
  • Bag of barbecue charcoal (14 liters) 5 €;
  • Ignition fluid (1 bottle) 3 €;
  • Matches are for free;
  • Towel (24h) 1 €;
  • Fishing equipment rent;
  • Body paints/brushes and other for body painting;
  • Professional massage (25EUR/hour);
  • VideoCV & Portrait, lifestyle/portfolio pictures;
  • Tour on the lake, with guide and motorboat (from 8 people).