The Estonian Naturism events are designed for the members of the Estonian Naturism Community, for new members and individuals who have received an invitation.

When participating in Estonian Naturism event:

  • Follow the laws of the Republic of Estonia as well as the internationally recognized good customs;
  • Follow the rules of procedure and the instructions and orders and decisions of the supervisor of the territory and the organizer;
  • Follow the Naturists Etiquette and The general conditions of participation;
  • You are financially responsible for any material or moral damage you cause to others. Depending on the nature of the damage and extent, you will have to compensate it according to the claim.;
  • All the information provided upon registration is correct (personal data and all other required information);
  • For registering Yourself at the event You need your (e-ticket or print out) and document for identification (ID- card or drivers license);
  • Ensure safety to Your health and possessions. The organizer cannot be held responsible for damages caused by Your negligence or reckless behaviour;
  • Upon arrival, you have to confirm your participation with a signature.

Filming and taking pictures and using of the produced material

  • Only specifically authorized photographers and video operators are allowed to use cameras;
  • The authorized photographers and video producers will sign a contract with the organizer – which states all of the conditions for taking pictures, filming and using the material and the responsibilities regarding it;
  • Using or publicising photos or videos without the organizers permission is strictly prohibited;
  • Upon using cameras, filming on photographing the event and using the material The Personal Data Protection Act, Copyright Protection Act, the Estonian Naturism rules of procedure, the Naturism Etiquette and the organizers instructions, must be taken into account and followed;
  • Breaking the rules is punishable:
    • For the ordinary participant: the claim of damages + fine 1000 €;
    • For a contracted partner: the claim of damages + fine 3000 €;
  • Filming and photography must occur publicly in order for the participants to be able to avoid being filmed on photographed if they wish – taking pictures of filming is prohibited;
  • After the video of photo session has ended the objective must be covered;
  • No one can be recorded on photo or video without their consent;
  • A participant has the right to see the pictures from the camera immediately after the session and ask the photographer or the organizer to delete any unsuitable pictures which he/she is on;
  • Participants with a red wristband must not be caught in any film or photos – they have asked for higher privacy;
  • When a participant is posing for camera (including the Group photos) it is considered as consent for recording. The participant’s face can be blurred if he/she wishes;
  • Upon suspicion of a violation the organizer and the security personal have the right to see the participants phone to check for unauthorized pictures and demand that such pictures be immediately deleted. In case of such violation the organizer has the right to remove the participant from the event and also from the Estonian Naturism community. If there is any financially measurable damage the organizer demand compensation;
  • If the participant wants a picture or a video with friends he/she should contact the organizer or an authorized photographer or video operator.


  • All the participants are pre-registered and identified on the spot;
  • All the participants must follow the Naturist Etiquette, Conditions of participation and the decisions of the organizer;
  • Only specifically authorized photographers and video operators are allowed to film or take pictures;
  • If a participant who has pre-informed the organizer of his/her higher need for privacy is captured on a picture or a video his/her face and tattoos will be blurred;
  • A participant who lacks discipline or disturbs others with his/her behavior will be removed from the event and excluded from the Estonian Naturism community. In more severe cases a claim for damages may also be submitted;
  • Naturism is communal – if a participant is indifferent regarding to the safety and privacy of others it is considered to be a violation of The Naturists Etiquette and The general conditions of participation;
  • Although the organizer does everything in his power to ensure the safety and privacy of all participants, the participants should take into consideration the fact that there is never a 100% guarantee that they will not be recorded while being nude in public;
  • Ensuring privacy greatly depends on the actions or inactions of all the individuals participating and on Your own behaviour as well;
  • If the event takes place in public a 100% privacy is not possible:
    • Because of today’s technology which allows taking pictures and filming from extensive distances;
    • It is not possible to restrict the passage of third parties.
  • If You want to be a 100% certain that You will not be filmed or photographed nude in public, You should avoid it all together.