Estonian Naturism is a Brand created by Don Simon Tompel active in the field of lifestyles- and personal marketing and it belongs to a lifestyles marketing corporation Lifestyles Marketing OÜ. The brand has been created for Marketing Estonian naturism – for the naturism media publications, portal, network and Naturism events.

The community website

The community portal serves as a bridge between the rest of the public community and the naturism community.

The portal serves three main purposes:

  1. knowledge portal;
  2. marketing channel;
  3. the communities media output.

EstNatNet – Estonian Naturism Network

EstNatNet – Estonian Naturism Network  is a social network environment with similar features to other well known social networks (like Facebook for example) but this is a Naturist friendly alternative to the fore mentioned – meaning there will be no censoring of nude photos or videos.

Naturists with different interests can make themselves more visible to make new friends and interact with other Naturists who have the same (or different) interests and as in any other social network, members can create their own groups which can be either opened or closed for others to join.


Estonian Naturism organizes international events, festivals, camps, competitions, exhibitions and workshops. Our events, promote Naturism, enhance international cooperation, develop group tourism and art and also broaden the participants’ horizon and social network and provide an opportunity for new output and experience.